You should know slow Public Relations to meet success


Business and life seem to be a never ending race about who is being faster and getting more in a very short time. We work more and more and modern devices let us to speed our work incredibly. In contrary, true Public Relations is slow, so are you pro-slow?

Not everyone is ready for Public Relations. Not everyone has got time for PR. Not everyone wants to stop, to think to experience intracommunication (intrapersonal communication) before they plan the next step both in business and life.

What about you? Are you pro-slow? Is slow PR for you?


What are you racing for?

You are surrounded by pressure – more results in shorter time are required. We eat while working, because it is a waste of time doing it separately. We work till the midnight, because work is as it is. We are in a constant race and we believe that people who win should run. We believe that we must be first to win ‘this’ in life (whatever ‘this’ means for us). PR really wins, because it is not fast at all, but it is consequent enough, so it moves toward goal consequently. Intracommunication, PR strategy planning and every activity are based on solid fundation which is based on:

  • awareness (you know where you go and what is important for you),
  • determination ( the source is self-confidence),
  • consequence ( in actions which are taken step by step).

Do you remember the Aesop’s fable about a tortoise and a hare? So the tortoise’s victory explains what is the source of success in Public Relations.

I don’t know if you have understood that in PR you don’t race, but you do your job – you work and live your way. So one of PR definition is as follows:

you do your job as a pro-slow business person, you do acts of kindness and you tell about all to people who really what to listen to and talk about it.


How much pressure is in your life?

More pressure, chaos, doubts and frustration in your life, less chances for PR campaign for you.

If you know your nature (again coming back to intracommunication) you know your rhyme and you adapt to the way you work. Your nature, features of character personal goals, values have influence on both your life and work.

Your life (not your work) rules your pace of life.

You coherence both at home and at work is your real PR definition in practice.

Time has not got so much power over you as it has got over most people in business. PR has got time. Yes, it can be faster, because even snails can move two times faster ( so cold snail’s gallop), but it must have a reason and there is always the question:

what for?

Are you among people who run, do more and faster and do not ask what for?


Do you collect business contacts?

You are active in business. Your calendar is full of meetings. You are proud of your contact list.

Can you show me the most important contacts? Can you show me good contact for you or only good contacts for your business?

We shouldn’t have accelerated some issues. They just need time, confidence and lack of time pressure. In PR contacts are just the first step, but a real success is based on relations. And true relations need time. If you are not pro- slow taking into account your relation, your success is in danger.

Be pro – slow in PR means:

  • knowledge about what’s the most important for you in life and enjoy what you have without a hurry,
  • comfort feeling at business, because you know what both your life and work are for,
  • enjoying relations which tell who you really are and which are the true story about you.


Fot. Vadim Trunov. Znalezione na:

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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