Writing – how to train a habit


No new year resolutions this year. Better is to focus on one thing, like writing.

The thing which is important and which lets to be better and better. It should be the thing which is responsive to personal need. If there are some of such things, choose one. And finally, do it the right way.

That’s what I said to myself and I’ve chosen writing. It is not only my personal need, but also writing in my case is 3 in 1 as I like writing, I can develop this way and it’s connected with my work.

It’s not enough to decide about writing. The key is to get into habit. It must be like tooth cleaning every day. You repeat it over and over again and finally, it happens. Without any fight against time. How?

 Who wakes up in the morning…

Plan at least one day when you get up really early and write. Have coffee and a nice place and write. Write through half an hour or an hour. Do it regularly this year.



Often we need a proof or measure the aim to know that we’ve done something well. If you are such a person, your aim can be writing a certain number of words a week.


On the way to….

Before you write, think what you’d like to write. Make some notes about ideas, good sentences, dialogues, stories on the way to work. And plan a moment when you sit down and jot all things you thought about down.


You are not alone….

Find people who are like you and write with them ( e.g. creative writing meetings). Talk to your friend about what you want to write and what you write. Write comments, posts, articles, stories. Publish on-line even a small piece of writing ( following your schedule, like twice a month) and share with others. Nobody motivates better than another person-reader.

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