Writing quality – the crucial, yet neglected, skill in business


Whoever you are, you write a lot: mails, messages, texts, posts, status on Facebook, offers, etc. So how do you develop your writing skills in order to communicate better and reach your business goals?

 Writing quality means that you take care of your writing because you realize that it is critical in business. It has become a priority skill as writing is the way most of us communicate. There are businessmen whose 80% of daily business communication method is writing.


What you write, determines your business

Skillful use of appropriate words allows you to achieve your goals. The way you build sentences establishes if and how somebody understands you. Sometimes, the way you conclude your e-mail determines how you are perceived and decides if somebody will contact you. Sometimes, one sentence more and your receiver has a very positive attitude towards you.


If you don’t know to whom you write, you have a very slight probability of reaching your goal


We can work on a message – change words, add new sentences, pack useful info in it. You can send e-mails every moment you wish – in the early morning or at night. But do we really know to whom we write? Do we know our receiver’s needs? Do we know if they like long messages or brief info? You don’t have time to think of it?! Using empathy in writing brings good results, but it is only for those who communicate best. It requires time, a lot of practice and you should focus on your receiver at least as much as on yourself. Of course, if you have no time it’s your choice, but don’t be surprised if your writing turns out to be harmful for your business.


Homo scribens, why don’t you develop your writing skills?

If you write every day and your writing content influences both your life and business, why do only few people work on improving their writing? You take part in courses connected with presentations, selling techniques and being a true leader. But what about writing? Today a businessman is a homo scribens, so what are you going to do to write effectively?

Proofreader: Monika Bajer

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