Would you like to be an expert? Without these 5 steps it’s impossible!


It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning or further. It’s worth to know. Intracommunication is a basis and 5 steps will tell you if you are an expert.

 The first step is intracommunication (intrapersonal communication) – so in front of yourself you know what you are good at and you are confident about your knowledge. Then 4 steps and you can open your window to the world and you can welcome people who want to know such an expert as you are!


1st STEP

Have knowledge about something. It can be really a narrow knowledge. At least practical or/and theoretical. You know what it is. You answer questions about your specialization without hesitation. You are sure that this is the way it is.


Finish the sentence: I have a wide knowledge about….


2nd STEP

Share your knowledge. Find a way (according to your nature) to share it with others. This way you not only do act of kindness, but also you are more trustworthy as an expert. This way can be a blog, webinars, video.


Finish the sentence: I share my knowledge through…


3rd STEP

Develop yourself. Remember that being a great expert it also means to be a better and better human for yourself and others. Work on yourself!


Finish the sentence: I am going to develop myself in ….


How to develop? More about it here—>>> https://bridgehead.pl/how-to-develop-yourself-advice-based-on-my-personal-pr-experience/


4th STEP

Take care about your image. The image which should be authentic. Before they meet you, they see you in the net and gather quite a lot of info about you. Deliver this info wisely.


Finish the sentence: The info centre about me is….


5th STEP

Remember about yourself, so about what is important for you. Remember about people and things which make you happy. Write a promise for yourself. It can be about a dream or a value – so things which improve your life quality.


Finish the sentence: I promise myself….

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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