Why is it the last day of fanpage Bridgehead PR on Facebook


Facebook is a very flexible tool. Business is a very dynamic creature. So changes are inevitable. It’s high time you re-thought your presence on Facebook.

The fanpage Bridgehead PR was created in 2012 in order I get practical knowledge about Facebook. Such a knowledge was a must taking into account communication and PR campaigns. Now it is 2015 and this fanpage is removed and it has appeared a new fanpage: Justyna Niebieszczańska.

Here I share with you my personal experience, because I believe it can inspire you and it may be the beginning of changes.

  1. Think what face your firm has got.

Times changes and we changes with them ( from Cicero). And the most important is to keep the connection between you (as you are now) and the reality whihc is in constant move. My strategy has changed and it doesn’t look like in 2011. Additionally, today I work with Facebook specialists so I do not need to know everything about Facebook myself.


  1. Think about personal branding strategy and about your image in scoial media? What do you look like? What does it look like your company?


I have got Business Associates – partners with whom I cooperate successfully with, but BRIDGEEHAD PR has got my face, because my company means me personally. So that’s why my company profile was not the best solution any more. Authenticity is what I need so now via the profile Justyna Niebieszczańska I can communicate with you comfortably. It is easier to talk about my projects, like coffee PR or creative writing meetings.

  1. Write pros of having personal fanpage which uses your true name.


I am at the moment that only such a profile makes sense to my mind. Why?

  • I can manage effectively my pro public bono projects, like coffee PR, creative writing. Treat person,
  • it lets me educate people  about Public Relations people who really are interested in this topic,
  • it gives my possibility to meet new people who shares my PR passion via Facebook tools, like adverts and events.


Profreader: Marta Korsak.

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