Why does a dental doctor need to communicate well?


If you do not care about communication: you will have or you have a problem to get patients; you will lose or you lost patients, you will feel or you feel frustration. So communication is needed because:

1. you can tell why a patient should come to you and you can use first impression to get a new patient,

2. you can communicate that he/she is in good hands and take care to build a long term relation,

3. you can deal with difficult situation successfully like a kind of disagreement and misunderstanding and use this hard moments to build even stronger relations,

4. you can protect yourself while you meet with aggression and when you lost your reputation

5. you can express yourself – your rules and beliefs which are important for you to create your career as you wish,

6. you can build your brand in order to be competitive,

7. you treat a person, not disease, because there is not enough “first, do no harm.”