Why do you need a PR specialist at a photo session?


A PR specialist can be a wind, but first of all he is a creator. Like a professional pilot he lets you fly where you wish with a decoded map of you in his hands.

PR specialist should know what goal you want to reach. As a result he knows what photos you need in order to build an effective story about yourself. He’s like both your private pilot and a flight controller in one. And he is in touch with all people involved in this session and in fact he builds a team of people who works for you.


If you cooperate with a PR specialist you know what I’m writing about. If you plan to take a photo session and you’d like to take care about your image, learn what such a person brings..

  1. A PR specialist knows where you fly, so:
  • he knows what for you need pictures,
  • he works on concepts of pictures before visiting a photo studio,
  • he knows you – not only your goals, but also your unique features,
  • he keeps balance between authenticity and a portrait art including business market.


  1. He organizes a photo session:
  • he plans it together with a photographer and they know what are goals of this session in advance,
  • he estimates time which is needed to complete the session, he informs about apprioprate clothes and takes care about a make-up specialist,
  • he is a bridge between all people who cooperate during a photo session.


  1. He works at a session:
  • he takes under control session to make sure that its goals will be reached,
  • he is a first assistant of a photographer,
  • he is responsible for a good atmosphere which has much influence on results.


How do I know if a photo session is successful? It is successful when 4 conditions are completed:

  1. pictures response to a person’s needs
  2. a person likes pictures and identifies yourself in these pictures,
  3. all people who took part in the session agree that the task was completed successfully,
  4. a person who expereinced a photo session  knows more about himself as such a session is the act of intracommunication.


This post was inspired by a talk to Jacek Kutyba, a photographer with whom I create and run professional business photo sessions.

Fot. Jacek Kutyba


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