Why do actions bring no effects?


They say: Act! And we do. We promote. We choose both new and old marketing tools. We are well-seen. We catch attention and… nothing.

Why? I guess that most of us can observe what’s going on around:

– availability of such tools as Facebook means that everyone does marketing as result there are a lot of competitors and much information,

– we need fast effects, but there is getting more and more difficult to get them, because a long term planning and determination count more today,

– we look for a great solutions outside – we ignore totally our possibilities and stenghts.

More and more counts intracommunication and building business based on strenghs. If you want to win, translate your own values into business language  and create your own world for few. It is the fact that we are getting more fussy both as people and customers. We look for solutions for us and not for everybody. Everybody is not for anyone. Solution which works well in one firm doesn’t have to work at another. Not every marketing agency ( or PR specialist) is for everyone. Winners are people who understand that to find success you need to create your own solutions via knowing yourself – your stenghts, interests and specifying with whom you want to do your business. Because you are not for everybody!

I was inspired to write these words, because of the workshop about using strenghts . There was first workshop in dental business in Poland who focus on intracommunication. This training convinced me that we still look for solutions outside far away from who we really are.

Think of:

– choose one of your stenghts and think how you use it in business,

– choose one of values that guides you in life and check if and how you use it to tell your business story to your customer.

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