Why dealer loses war?


Times do change and we should be aware that now having a dealer is not enough, because:


1.    a huge dealer has many products in its offer and will not devote much time & energy to introduce a new one,

2.    if you choose a smaller dealer it may not inform  about your product in the whole territory which you are interested in and usually it has not enough tools to market it,

3.    it is not dealer’s business to promote your brand, so if your dealer fails and you have no another one, you disappear gradually from the market,

4.    although most dealers have at least a marketing person, nobody will take care of a long term strategy for your product,

5.    a dealer is often focused on getting as much profit as possible in the shortest time (sell&forget) and regarding some products it is fine, but think if it is the best way for yours,

6.    most dealers have activities limited to adverts and special promotions  without any PR activities and tactics ( which without strategy are impossible) and it is difficult to watch them and check how they communicate about your product and your brand,

7.    you want your product in professional media and internet portals, so you need a well-designed info; doubt if any dealer even thinks of it and for sure there is no a person in your dealer’s company which can and does such a job.

Think if it is really your dealer. Then choosing a dealer treat it as an important tool to be in the market, but not a complete solution for your product’s success in a territory. Build your strong brand that will survive future crisis, dealers’ changes, competitors. It is easy to win a battle, but to win a war you need much more than a dealer.