Who are you, dental doctor?


In Poland is getting more and more trendy selling dentistry idea which has much influence on thinking about dental office. To my mind, at present dental doctor is more interested in Kotler than Hippocrates. So what?


I’m terrified with this trend. It worries me when dental doctor sees his profession as a business. Doctor is not sales person and sales person in not doctor. Difference?

Sales person has got clear tasks – to sell a product and / or service. Success depends on sales ( how much, how fast, how many). Good sales person knows marketing well. He responses to needs, he stimulates them and he can create them. He works on awareness of receiver to sell. Sales person addresses his activity to customer. His priority is profit. He receives a salary. More success, more profit, better salary. In communication sales person first of all uses persuasion techniques.

The aim of doctor is homeostasis. Treating is based on moral code by Hippocrates. Doctor response to needs – he serves his knowledge, ability, energy in order to help. He acts for patient. Doctor learns about patient’s needs and solves his healthy problems ( and not only) and he does what possible to alleviate suffering. Doctor educates and introduce prophylaxis. Doctor is ‘paid’, but sometimes ‘thank you’ is enough. It happens to him to work without thinking of money. His main feature of character is empathyand development in  communication to another person. He has got not only tasks to complete, but also mission to carry out.

I really appreciate good sales person. But don’t you think that if you are sales person, would it be fair to inform accurately: sales person of dental services?