What success?


I’m before stating a completely new experience in my life and I’ve just summed up last 4 months of my work. I’d like to say proudly what I’ve done and encourage you to praise yourself.

Because it is very precious  – this way we can learn about our strenghts, we get knowledge from personal evaluation, we interact to colleagues and friends and we release endorphins!

So my last successes with the highest level of my endorphins:

Starting an imagine advert campaigne for SciCan # imageadvert

Reklama - J.D. Reklama EG

the article about how to create a personal brand “Być jak Doktor Szczyt” #personal branding

MS artykuł2

workshop Guide How to Write Blog  #blog

zdjecie grupowe

And my pro publico bono activity, because PR means doing acts of kindness:

Workshop connected with the project Charms of Business: From Dream to Fulfillment ( 1st photo) and How to successfully  tell stories about your company ( 2nd photo) #workshop

Spełniają marzenie zdjecie 2

And finally:

Book swapping events #bookcrossing

Creative writing classes #creativewriting

A least, but lot last – publishing my poems’ collection in both languages ( Polish&English):


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