What for is Public Relations? (3)


Better to eat half a sandwich than a whole one without anyone to share anything with, not even a little bit of food.* This should be your Public Relations motto that provides motivation in finding allies. Why?

Because sometimes if you don’t share this half, you eat nothing! Starting different project we want to be self-sufficient. If you look for any support, usually it is financial support. Is it bad? No, but…

Think wider and be long-sighted, so act as your personal Public Relations manager.

You can reach your goals faster with others. Business is a kind of a relay. Not everyone is a marathon runner. We also cannot do some things at one moment well, however sometimes business requires such hyper-activity. And let’s keep in mind that we are not specialists in everything. So if you want to complete a business idea or realize any project, firstly, think of your allies. Who are they? They are on the same way you are. Your goals can be theirs. They are people who:

– have knowledge, experience and different skills that can be crucial for your project,

– they also cannot do much alone, so they understand that together you can move business ahead,

– run businesses that are compatible with yours


remember about organizations that have their mission similar to yours.

Draw a net with allies and start to contact them. Always look for people, even you contact to an organization. The ability to start contacts is the key to success in business. Today internet lets you not only find information, but also get contact details. So maybe one of the most hard work to do is so called emotional labour and it is the art of start a contact and have a good talk.

* Paulo Coehlo

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