What for is Public Relations? (3)


Is Public Relations additional accessories in business? For beginners is it an option or a must?


Public Relations is available for everyone as a test which informs you how you are ready for business. If you cannot work on PR campaign, spend some time of productive thinking:

  • if intracommunication is at the level of doubts and searching
  • if you cannot say what’s your goal
  • if you don’t know your receiver-customer
  • if you have no idea what extra you can do for your customer taking into account your service and product

… I wish you luck as you will need it!

Often Public Relations is consciously introduced when a firm has got additional budget. Taking into account sole proprietorship ( inc. passion) – PR solutions are the best choice. In the contrary, such firms often treat it like exclusive accessory. Sometimes luxury. Some companies have press release and an event once a year and they call it ‘PR activity’. But the truth in that PR is never a single action, but always a complex and individually tailored real idea for a successful communication between company and customer (in fact between people). PR is connected with a goal which you achieve in a certain time.

Can’t you plan PR campaign? You are not ready for your business.

Don’t you know how to start? Start with plan a PR campaign.


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