What for is creative writing


From time to time I sit down together with writers and it reminds me of the sentence:”A real writer doesn’t want to write; a real writer has to write”.

Last time at a creative writing meeting some words were the key to write great stories. It was nice to listen to them. The stories were different as people who wrote them, but first of all they were very interesting. How do I know it? I saw the way people listen to. Sometimes it seems to me that the participants are surprised with their own writing, their own gift. From time to time I sit down with these writers who you don’t know and maybe will never know. And I strongly believe that if everyone of them devoted much time for writing, it would be published great books. If?! In fact, I should have changed irrealis in realis as everything may happen!

So what for is creative writing:

– to overcome barriers and it gives courage to share writing with others,

– to learn about your potential and to really believe in yourself,

– to write better and better and in result to communicate your thoughts successfully,

– to let you write what you really want to write.


Here some answers from the participants:

Creative writing is for moving my brain and to meet people who like writing as I do. I have been always dreaming about writing a book. I know that now is too early, but thanks to creative writing I feel that I broaden my horizon and improve my writing. I’m going to make my dream come true. And writing my own blog is easier. Joanna Rutecka, an organizer of the festival Toruń z Pasją.

I write a lot, but I usually use legal language. I’d like to develop and taking part in these meetings give me possibility of writing something on completely different topics and it motivates me. So I take a chance. I believe that the meetings will help me to write every week ( e.g. my blog) and will result in creating of a nice writing habit.Tomasz Gaweł – a legal adviser.

In past I thought that writing depends on creative inspiration. After the meeting I know that it is the matter of attentiveness and the right way of dealing with it. The meetings give me more confidence, because I was not sure if my text was good, if it followed the topic and if it was well-understood. Now I realize that every topic can be present in a personal way – every point of view is correct and the interest of participants is the best review. Joanna Czerska-Thomas – an owner of M4Bizz.

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