What communicates picture in PR


Everything! Your picture is the proof that you can manage your personal branding consciously. Picture is a PR tool which rules as it’s the fastest way of sharing information and it has got power of showing emotions.

If we want to catch attention, a good picture can do a lot. In seconds it can build a positive attitude. It differentiates us. It response to curiosity. It enraptures. It’s an element of trust. In the culture of pictures having a good one is a must!

So how to start? As always, start from yourself! Before planning of taking pictures, do your homework which is called intracommunication.

What pictures can tell about you the best way?

First aid picture is your portrait.

In every business one-to-one relation counts a lot. And telling about yourself via a pictures is a crucial condition in building your personal brand successfully.

Photo session is a test of self-knowing: if we know what we’d like to tell about ourselves, what we’d like to present and which feature of our nature is important us to show, it means that we know quite a lot in managing our brand. Is it enough? I don’t know as it can only verify a professional photo session. I cooperate with a photographer who understands that here counts individual attitude and a good portrait ( that reveals authenticity and uniqueness) needs knowing a person. I can see every day a lot so called ID portraits, but this is not your portrait. It is too little now to show a face, because now the challange is to show a piece of yourself.. Showing your story and uniqueness need some artistic features. A good photographer is not enough today, unforunatelly.


Standard business portfolio.

Business portfolio is a set of pictures which works for you. As an agency we guide such sessions with Jacek Kutyba who is specialised in such pictures and here some of his words:

Universal pictures used to be and are still connected with dictatorships. Here is one so called right and correct picture. To my mind a manager, a CEO, a public person should have a set of pictures which can be used in different situations. It needs to predict some situations. So we can predict some typical official business shots where a manager is just a visit card of his firm or some shots not so official, because we don’t work all the time with all buttons fasten on a suit. Working at a desk we have different postures and gestures, which are far away from standing straight. The way we sit down and the way our hands lay and our relaxed muscles of our face,etc. , this is also business, but different picture of it and more friendly. No doubts that it is worth showing!

See examples:

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Some pictures form my portfolio

Fot. Jacek Kutyba

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