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If a lawyer and a lawyer’s office want to be well-seen in the net, it is a must to have a responsive website with a good design. More and more people use mobile devices to search info, so be available means to have an available (responsive) website. But this is not all…

Creating a new website design ( or refreshing an old one) usually have got goals:

– to strenghter position at the market

– to get new clients

Every of these two goals may follow different strategies, but some issues are always important:

1. Picture is something what we see before reading anything. It catch our attention and positive impression or not. Today a basic tool is having a business portfolio which is a key element in personal brand communication. There should be formal pictures ( connected with lawyer’s work, e.g. wearing a gown), but also semi- and non formal shoots that can show a person at work and after working hours ( e.g. during work with a team). Exemple below: the picture shows a lawyer at work and informs about its specialisation.

Trout Law


2. Content. First all text should keep in mind to whom is written. So who is a reader? In most cases this is a layperson , so simple and clear language is the priority ( as less as possible law jargon). If most clients are businessmen, keep the language more businesslike. If your lawyer’s office is specialized in family cases, share really easy to understand information to them.


3. Social media. Yes, this is a great tool, but it doesn’t mean that it is a must. You do not create to have Twitter or Facebook profile to do a good business. Ask yourself 3 questions:

– who will take care about this social media profile?

– what information can you release this way?

-what is its goal?

No answer, leave the idea of having social media profile at this moment.

4. Specialization. It’s good when your lawyer’s office is specialized in something. If there is success in something, like copyright law , communicate about it. Find your client means to know whom you are looking for. Example below: when specilaisation is clear!


5. Contact. There are some options: telephone, mail, skype, etc. , but the most important is not what you choose, but if it works well. Whatever it is mail contact or telephone, somebody should react quite fast. A person who is responsible for contact, should always introduce himself / herself and give contact details. Remember that contact is to the key element which may decide about your being in the market or not.

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