Website and your presence in the net


It started from a website, but where will it end? Maybe on a blog? How do you use your presence in the net?

I’m writing an article about bloging in dentistry and it made me think about presence in the net generally. I’m sharing some thoughts based on observation of dental websites, but everyone should check at which stage his website is.


1st stage If you have a website, just to have got it. Its goal is to introduce you and give a contact.

If you use such a website that is old, but according to you still works well, ask yourself questions:

  • does your website give a positive image of you?
  • do you want to stay in 20th c.?
  • do you know how others see you?

( to answer this question, pls, have tete-a-tete with Google)


2nd stage If you a website created as it should be created. It has got correct content, nice pictures and good design.

If you have such a website which you are glad with, think:

  • if you see dynamic changes in 21st c. and check if you know how to use them well,
  • what new solutions your competitors use,
  • what new you’d like to add to your website.


3rd stage If your website is not enough. You know that today counts: mobility, access to current info and first of all, interaction in the net in which your interlocutor can be a professional partner, a patient, a customer. So it seems to me that you understand that communication today is not info release, but talking (interactions) and building relations.

Have you ever thought about a blog?

Do you use well possibilities which offer social media?

What is your strategy for this year?


Do you have some doubts? Questions? Contact me directly:

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