Website and 5 mistakes


Website is the headquartes information centre about you, your firm, products, services. You know how important it is in your business, don’t you? We may think that now when we have such a long experience in creating websites, there are only good and excellent onces. Unfortunatelly, we still make basic mistakes. Know 5 of them.


  1. Choosing a temple without having ready content for website.

Firstly content, then design.


  1. Sending messages and information to all.

If you don’t know your main receiver – customer, do not expect effective communication.


  1. Content – dull as dishwater.

Copywriting is a must.

  1. Counting on a friend who will do it.

Go out with your friend to have beer or coffee together, but your website give in hands of professionalist: an agency and a web-developer.


  1. No human story.

In business always counts H2H relation, so tell a story about yourself using words and pictures. There is no another story like yours is, so use it.


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