Seventh Roman PR Rule


He knew the world’s value. He was sentenced to exile, to pain, to death, but he knew what people believe in. And they do not believe words the most.

One word of Messala the wanton and he was in exile. One word of Agrippina and he was a Neron’s teacher. One word of Tygellinus and he was sentenced to death. So this PR rule delivered by him matters a lot:

Homines amplius oculis quam auribus credunt.

Men are readier to believe their eyes than their ears.


So does this rule mean in practice? Every piece of information, a story, a campaign, an image ‘say’ via pictures effectively. A good picture lets you win in communication and lack of it may result is a lost. We see things before we hear. We see and we know before we read. The picture is the fastest medium.

We know it, but still too often we make basic mistakes, like no business portfolio and no knowledge how a picture communicate. So if you are an expert:

  1. Take care about your business portfolio and communicate,
  2. Control your pictures which appear in the net. If any picture was published without your agreement and you are not satisfied with it, ask for removing it.
  3. Show yourself. Have fresh and semi- official pictures from time to time which can tell a story who you really are.


If you are responsible for information in your company:

  1. Keep your company portfolio fresh and have the pictures of the board, managers, infrastructure and important events.
  2. Use pictures in promotion materials wisely. Let your customers see what they are interested in. Cooperate with a photographer who knows and understand company strategy and delivers high quality photos.
  3. Every press release / info which leave company equip with a picture. This picture builds your message up. This picture lets your target not only see, but also believe.

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Fot. By Fatima N.Found in the net.

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