Using a floss


“It’s terrifying how many patients don’t know what for is a dental floss. They don’t use it and think that is just a whim. My heart fails!”

I agree with the dentist’s opinion and my heart fails, too. But…. I’ve got to the bottom of this situation. And at the bottom is a dentist.

Is there anyone better than a dentist to show how to use a dental floss?

Is it possible to demonstrate how to use a dental floss during a dental visit?

Is it possible to give a brave patient a dental floss?

Is it possible to organize an action from “a dental floss to a smile”?

Is it better to take care about prophylaxis or treatment?

How to start?

During a dental visit encourage to use a dental floss telling about advantages.

It’s crucial to show how to use it ( it can be done by a dental doctor, an assistant, a hygienist, a video, an educational film in a waiting room, etc.)

Choose a dental floss as a gadget. It useful to add info about a dental practice on it.

Next visit ask about how is flossing. And praise for even one tooth which has been flossed well. Keep in mind that forming a habit needs time, patience and support.

Take care about patients- parents. If you teach them, you have more chances that their children will follow them.

And this way using a floss we can catch our patients’ hearts painlessly!