Twitter – before you start tweet-communication


In 2011 I was so much interested in Twitter that I created the profile @bridgeheadpr. And then it was hard to believe that its popularity would grow so fast. Today in business I often meet the question: what about Twitter?

Why Twitter?

Because it is a handy tool in many cases. For politicians, journalists, experts, small business, etc. Everything depends on strategy how you use Twitter – a great source of info and communication. And it’s fast and simple. Eryk Mistewicz claims that Twitter users are ‘elite generation’. Would you like to belong to it?

How to prepare?

Before you enter and register, prepare:

  1. Smiling profile picture of yourself. This picture builds a positive first impression.
  2. Use more than 100 characters to inform about your passion and what you do. Create attractive note about yourself.
  3. Use your true name and surname. It builds trust.


What next?

Get know Twitter via using it and:

  1. Deliver an interesting content via 140 characters. Remember that using pictures makes it more interesting. Use a link from time to time.
  2. Notice and appreciate attractive content by others. Mark as favourite and share.
  3. Contact to others – response / comment a tweet
  4. Use hashtags – matadata tag. Use the hashtags which are’yours’, so my main hashtag is #PR, so I try to create/ share/ notice this PR topic to use this hashtag.

When you are on Twitter, let me know: @JNiebieszczansk, @bridgeheadpr.

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