True story about how you can harm yourself with a business card


I sit at a round table at After Party with guests of Charms of Business. Everyone is telling a short story about herself and finally exchange business cards. One of our lectures and guests,

– who recognized herself as a specialist in personal branding – was asked about her business cards at the end of her story and she answered that she has got them, but it’s enough to ‘google ‘ her in order to find contact to her; and that’s is why she created her blog not to use traditional business cards in such situations. On the table there are the business cards of people who shared their contact details left.


I share this true story, because I wish you didn’t make so basic to my mind mistakes if you want to build your personal brand. Here some lessons to remember:


1st lesson

Don’t be sure that people who are with you at one table / start a relation with you, are not so well defined by Google as you are.

Don’t be sure that they don’t write a blog, too, etc. Don’t be sure of anything – just listen and learn.


In this case at this table there were quite well-known by google people and it was easy to find a contact to them this way. They were people well-known in our region and with a great reputation. At least 2 of them as far as I know write blogs and one for more than 6 years.


2nd lesson

Don’t judge – if somebody is not recognized by you, it doesn’t mean that they are not well-known to others.

You can be a celebrity with a strong position at your market, but don’t assume that all people know you and approve your position as an expert.


At this table sat such people like Izabella Szolgina – Director of Animal Shelter in Bydgoszcz who is a true personal brand and Anna Urbanska- one of the most recognizable business women in the region with the title Lioness of Business.


3rd lesson

Don’t ignore empathy – think what result can bring your words – whatever you do, watch the end.

Patronizing towards others means lack of respect to them. This way you lose contact with wise and interesting people. Remember that personal brand starts when you do something for others (not for yourself!) and when others with respect tell the story about you (and it doesn’t mean a story which you tell about yourself!)


4th lesson

If you don’t have business cards and you don’t use them, tell why it is this way, but never ever say that you ‘have them and don’t give them’.

Of course you can act against some business schemas and you don’t have to use business cards, but have an alternative which you use in such situation. And first of all remember about 3rd lesson about empathy.


Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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