Treat person, not disease

Lecz człowieka

Goal: more dental doctors who can:

  • communicate to patients, to others and themselves with a success,
  • use good interpersonal skills to create good talks in everyday life, inc. their dental offices,
  • develop their abilities and interpersonal skills to enjoy great communication.


1st step 2009-2011– one day workshop at 5 medical universities in Poland designed for students who are interested in communication.

2nd step 2011-2012 – creating a group that decided to develop their skills to communicate with success, including taking part in workshops designed especially for them and run by BRIDGEHEAD.

3rd step 2013-2014 – establishing a mission and rules of the group and starting first blog in Poland devoted to communication in dental office written by dental doctors for dental doctors and patients.

4rd step 2015 –     – working on the strategy and intruducing mission into life – improvinf communication between dental doctors and patients

The website – bog of the group:

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