Treat person, not disease

The aim of the project is organizing workshops about communication for dental students to let them communicate with their future patient successfully. Its motto is the sentence by Hippocrates ‘ Treat person, not disease’. The project as our idea is a result of students’ interest in a good communication with a patient. Thank to financial support from the company SciCan GmbH it can be realized in 2011.

This in one day workshop which lasts 5 hours and focuses on answering the questions:

  • how to communicate the best way to a patient, another person and oneself,
  • what means professional communication in dental practise,
  • how to develop communicative skills in order to enjoy success.

All students who are interested in this workshop, please, write If you would like to apply, please send your name and surname, year of study, university, phone number and mail address. Your mail is welcome!

Special meetings:

20-22.09.2013 Inowrocław

28.09.2011 Inowrocław, Villa Józefina

22.2012 Inowrocław, Willa Bajka

20-22.09.2013 Inowrocław, Willa Bajka

19-21.09.2014 I Bydgoszcz

09. 2015 Bydgoszcz

The dates of workshop:
11.12.2010 Poznan                              2.04.2011 Szczecin
26.02.2011 Lodz                                 28.05.2011 Białystok
12.03.2011 Wroclaw

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