Time and PR myth


PR is cool and yes, we should take care of it, but… you must wait for results, for a long time. Nobody has time to wait. Bullocks!

It is a myth and please don’t believe it. No, we do not wait for results in PR, but we work to get them.


This work starts from intracommunication (intrapersonal communication), from a strategy and knowing priorities. Sometimes this stage of intracommunication takes a few weeks or even months. Sometimes you fail this test, because you cannot answer questions about goals, values and priorities. It happens. You need time – time to get to know yourself better. And you have time. The time is on your side.

You say I’ll do it fast OR I’ll do it the best?

PR means the best possible. You improve yourself every day to understand others’ needs and to work on being understood well. Sometimes it needs years of learning to achieve a certain aim. It’s crucial how do you achieve it, because this how determines how long-lasting your success is. And you do not wish 5 minutes in camera flashes, but you focus on a long- lasting and good life quality. In future.


Why is it more important the best than the fastest?

Because for being better and the best they pay more. Specialists do not compete, because they are not interested in a shooter career, but they want to be a sniper. Because such a specialist wants to hit the target from 1 km precisely.

How to get this expertness?

Decode your strong sides. Develop them. Work hard. And then it is obvious that you’ll get your success. It is a matter of time.

Time is a friend in PR. It is much space where you complete important issues for you and you invest in them. You invest your time in learning to enjoy a good life in a few years. Because success is not a lottery, but your choice and your desire to achieve your goal. Achieving your goal is a prize and you are on your way every day to get it – you get up, you work, you feel progress.

You get up, you complete tasks, you are better and better and closer to your goals.

You get up and you know how much you need to be happy and you are sure that you’ll work on it and you’ll get it finally.

You get up earlier, because it needs more time and work and you do what is needed to get this prize.

In a year or two or a few years. Time doesn’t matter, because you know that you are on the way, the right way.

Fot. Salome – quelly.com.

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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