Three basic rules and your portrait and image


I’m looking at a portrait of a CEO. And I cannot believe what I see. I cannot believe that somebody can harm himself publishing such a photo.

One year passed away and I still remember a presentation of a firm where pictures of managers were… unforgettable. It looked like pictures chosen from private albums. Bad quality and a picture of a senior manager wearing a top  with a castle in the background.

1st lesson: do not use private pictures for business purpose.

I scan a social media profile of one public person. It is open and public and I can see pictures with a lot of bottles of beer and women in bikini more than dizzy. As I see the picture was publish by a friend. Taking care of your image means also taking care about your private life. And remember that you can always as for removing such a picture.

2nd lesson: take under control pictures which you publish and which are published by others, especially in social media.

Several times a year I get a paper newsletter form a huge company. Its last page presents sales persons with contact details. It looks like a page from crime file!

3rd lesson: passport and ID photos are not suitable to build your image.