Think, write and publish a book


I mean the book which I read at night because I had to finish it. When I read last sentence I wanted to know not only what next, but also who the writer was.

And it appeared that the writer is a woman. She works a full-time job, brings up her children alone and she wrote the fantastic book Sapere aude. Her name is Małgorzata Sambor – Cao.

I had an interview to her and there are some thoughts which I’d like to share with you. Why? Because it tells that: if you really want to write, you will do it and more –  you can make your dream come true.

Firstly, she had a dream in which she met her future hero. And then she started to think about his story a lot. In her mind she met his life and finally, it was both so tiring and fascinating that she decided to write it down. Additionally,  it was also like getting control under her personal life.

Secondly, she decided to be her own publisher. As she underlines, thanks to her great friends it was possible to make her dream to publish the book true. They gave her courage and everyday support.

I asked her what is her way / habit of writing and she said quite important thing: The process of creating a story doesn’t taking place during writing itself. Scenarios are created in my mind till I find this one which is good enough to write it down.

She also admitted: Many times I deleted, without regret, 30-50% of quite good piece of writing, because I realized that it was not exactly the story of my hero Michael. So I started to write from the beginning as it should have been written.

The book website:

Fot. Karolina Łopusińska

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