Thief of words


While I was sipping my morning coffee, I met a thief. The thief of words. What did I do? I got completely confused. When I cooled down, I thought: all of us are these thieves, including you.

So I read words in the morning. The words seem to be familiar to me. Luckily, at the end I find a source. And this way I went across my own article which was used (I mean copied). And I realize that somebody copied my sentences. As I am an optimist I can see the positive aspect of it – if they steal, it is worth stealing. But the fact is that somebody stole my words.


Plagiarism means a theft

So I meet a thief. I see a plagiarism – someone rewrite my words without giving their author . So I send a message to the person who wrote her name under my words to inform her that it is a copy of my article. And here the answer:

Yes, this article was one of sources (written at the end of the article), but it was not copied from another article as you write. It would be too much said.


Words tell the truth

I come back to both texts. I compare them. I double check words. I count words and here is the result:

69% of the text is mine, I mean stolen. So whose are these words?!


I phone to a journalist

I cannot believe. I phone to an active journalist to make sure if the rules are the same as it used to be. I ask her if it was enough to give info about the source and when it was a must to write an author’s name. I give her the example.

The answer is clear – it is not enough to write a source without giving author’s name, because it suggests that it was written by somebody and not by Justyna Niebieszczańska. And no journalist can let themselves even be suspected of plagiarism.


So how to steal?

I know that they will steal. And truly speaking all was said and written by ancient people and we cannot discover anything new. But if we steal, let keep some rules and first of all let’s respect each other.

So what to do in such case?

The solution is simple: use question mark or write who wrote it.

When will we understand the words by Blair Singer:

If you use something what is not yours, tell people about it. It’s fine. You’ll get respect thanks to the truth.

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Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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