The most important printed document


Statistics from last 4 years informs that there are sent 400-450 a year, so it means more than 1 a day. There is no another document in my firm which would be used so often.

I’m writing about Thank you card  by BRIDGEHEAD. If your company hasn’t got it, please, think about it.

Such a card is useful in many cases. I send thank you notes, I leave messages, I ask for something, I add it to invoices with some words written by hand and I write personal messages to my partners. Useful, isn’t it?

Additional PR benefits?

1. Building relations authentically. With clients, co-workers and people who I meet during doing business.

2. Differentiation. There is no another such a card in the world. Nobody can write the same message. This is a strong element of consistent image used in everyday business.

3. Mind reciprocity. Appreciate others. We get in contact with people who know something better than we do, who have different talents and that’s why they bring unique elements to business relations.

5. In harmony with yourself. I like writing. For me it is a natural way of passing thoughts and emotions. So in my case such a card is an ideal tool.

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