Thanks for hacking


Every day thousands of websites are hacked by humans and unknown robots. And what if it is about your website?


When it happened to me, I learnt that the shoemaker’s children are ill-shod.And finally I have to say: thank you the robots which let me think seriously about protection, but also about my website.

I am so busy with consulting, changing, improving websites of others that I have no time for mine. But if the website exists, the time to manage it should be found. So consult yourself firstly!

As most of my customers are via recommendation, I treat more the website as a basic info card and truly speaking I do not remember if anyone chose Bridgehead as the agency because of the net info. But sometimes it is just a positive word about agency and then next step is asking Mr Google. And it is no good when a post in news is written 1 year ago.  So, update your website!

To sum up: if you are at the beginning think if you really need a website. You do not have to create it, for sure. If you have it, update.