Tête-à-tête with Uncle G.


From time to time I meet with him. I’m curious what he will tell me this time. He has got less and less surprises for me, but I still appreciate our tête-à-tête. He shows and I watch.

It always looks the same. I prepare coffee and then I switch my computer on and finally I write: Justyna Niebieszczanska in google search. And bingo! Uncle Google shows me his truth about who I am.

Arrange your tête-à-tête and write your name and surname. Learn how the world sees you. Would you like to be seen this way?

Make sure that information about you are ‘suitable’. If you are on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, keep in mind that Uncle treats them as priority. So do your profiles tell about you what you want and what you really care about?

Start to dream seriously! Imagine that you meet Uncle and he shows you the results about which you have been dreaming. And what is written there??? Think carefully, because it is your truth about yourself.