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Writing e-mails-the art of communication in 21st c. Are you its master?


Over 200 billion e-mails are sent and received daily. This number is growing. E-mail is a primary communication tool in business. You have to learn to use this so as not to be behind the best.

Writing e-mails is the art of communication in the 21st century. Have you mastered it? (part 1)


How many e-mails do you write every day? Imagine that this number may become the number of wasted opportunities because you had no knowledge or skills necessary writing e-mails. Would you like to improve your efficiency thanks to emailwriting?

How to write and tell stories to win audience’s hearts?


How to write a story? How to reach into your audience’s hearts? Be authentic and really have something to say. Evoke emotion: Love. Here is an example of how to do it in practice.

Blog? If you have doubts about starting a blog, make an experiment


You have doubts if blog is for you and if it is a useful tool. There are some ways to check it and find answers. Before you start to work on your blog seriously, before you spend money on it, before you invest your time, check if it is really for you.

Thief of words


While I was sipping my morning coffee, I met a thief. The thief of words. What did I do? I got completely confused. When I cooled down, I thought: all of us are these thieves, including you.

Writing quality – the crucial, yet neglected, skill in business


Whoever you are, you write a lot: mails, messages, texts, posts, status on Facebook, offers, etc. So how do you develop your writing skills in order to communicate better and reach your business goals?

Creative writing and business


Kreatywne pisanie

Guest post by Joanna Wrycza-Bekier.  The word has been getting great power since it appeared on screens. How to create words which tempt, persuade, inspire and sell?

How to write ideal post blog


Good recipe means proper proportions and right ingredients. Result? An ideal muffin with cream! So how many words should post blog contain to be ideal and to attract readers?

4 tips for writing better and more often


A glass of wine? Deadline? What about an energy drink? I guess, it’ll not help, but luckily, there are some practical advice how to deal with writing.

How to start writing a book about business


You know that such a book is worth writing. As a specialist you are ready. And that’s all. You are stuck in deadlock. Why?