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Communication and your resposibility for it


“You are responsible for what you say, but not for how people understand it”. If you agree with it, to my mind you have lack of basic knowledge about communication.

Small talk a basic PR tool and its strenghts


What is PR about? About running a talk. How do you get to know a person? By talking. What does relations’ building proccess require? Talking. Let’s start from small talk.

Business and neuro PR – where connecting some dots leads you. ( personal case study)


I believe, like Hippocrates, that the brain is the seat of everything. We feel pleasure thanks to the brain. A lot of our possibilities are encoded in it. And the brain is used for communication.

Coffee PR and its definition


Coffee PR is your chance for a talk. What kind of talk? The talk about business, which includes asking pointed questions leading to solutions.

Successful communication, having a meal together and the chameleon effect


Komunikacja przy wykorzystaniu efektu kameleona jest udana.

We can enjoy a cup of coffee together. With a cake. Or let’s have a breakfast meeting. What you want is to make our communication successful, don’t you?

Talk – the tool which shows what is important and unimportant


Plans. Many tasks. Important questions. Thinking sometimes is not enough to make a decision. Too many doubts and what to do? Practice a talk. Like sparring.

What do you choose from Public Relations menu?


Public Relations means acts of kindness. We need them to feel happy. And business without personal happiness is worth not much, isn’t it?

What is Public Relations for? (4)


Is Public Relations communication? Is Public Relations about how to talk to anyone?

Business appointment – success or failure?


He won’t buy. He won’t cooperate. Failure. Does it happen to you to think of a business appointment this way?

Dental Coffee PR


Meet a dentist, or more than one, and have morning coffee together and enjoy coffee PR…