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What success?


I’m before stating a completely new experience in my life and I’ve just summed up last 4 months of my work. I’d like to say proudly what I’ve done and encourage you to praise yourself.

Think, write and publish a book


I mean the book which I read at night because I had to finish it. When I read last sentence I wanted to know not only what next, but also who the writer was.

LinkedIn – success in business relations in 5 basic steps


This is the largest business networking site in the world. professional. Truly connected with business. International. Maybe for business in Poland GoldenLine network is enough, but if you think of something more, be at LinkedIn.


It is coming the time of Easter e-cards invasion. Different ship and chickens? No, all are the same. This is spam!

About building relations


I’m reading a banal and beautiful text which has been recommended by my friend who was a long time  a communications director in a corporation. Even I realize I know it, it is worth checking how I practise this knowledge in my everyday life.

Blog is not a toy


Writing a blog seems to be so easy, but it is not. It needs mych more than enthusiasm…

Personal branding and corporation?


Corporation’s human face? Promotion? Keeping corpo positive image?

What for is Public Relations? (2)


Writes true stories which sell.

Why do actions bring no effects?


They say: Act! And we do. We promote. We choose both new and old marketing tools. We are well-seen. We catch attention and… nothing.

Universal standards of communication


A walk in a park.  A shy kiss before a prom. A paper love letter. It was. And now is a cybersex!