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How project delivers your PR


You have a lot of projects. A few. They are fantastic ideas, but you won’t carry them out. Usually you end up at the stage of dreaming, planning and talking. But you and your business need a PR project!

Writing quality – the crucial, yet neglected, skill in business


Whoever you are, you write a lot: mails, messages, texts, posts, status on Facebook, offers, etc. So how do you develop your writing skills in order to communicate better and reach your business goals?

How to get familiar with hashtags -success signs


More and more hashtags you see, but do you use them? Are you not sure if it is usefull and what is hashtag for?

Success in Chinese


In 2014 he was the 26th richest person in the world. What does he talk about success?

Structogram means intracommunication in practise


Justyna Niebieszczańska, a student, remembered her lectures very well. Not only because of what she taught, but also because of how she did it. She was happy with her life and she knew well where she was going. Today, I know that she passed some issues connected with intracommunication, so that is why my memory retained her.

Effectiveness of communication with a pencil


Have you a pencil? Use it in communication to be understood well.

What for is Public Relations? (3)


Better to eat half a sandwich than a whole one without anyone to share anything with, not even a little bit of food.* This should be your Public Relations motto that provides motivation in finding allies. Why?

I love such people!


Who? People with passion. With imagination. With courage. You are still asking what kind of people? Just one example.

What communicates picture in PR


Everything! Your picture is the proof that you can manage your personal branding consciously. Picture is a PR tool which rules as it’s the fastest way of sharing information and it has got power of showing emotions.

Dance your way to success


My journey with Biodanza started over 10 years ago. Firstly, weekly courses and then intensive learning at a Biodanza school, during an internship and at additional development courses and workshops. So where has Biodanza led me?