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How to write and tell stories to win audience’s hearts?


How to write a story? How to reach into your audience’s hearts? Be authentic and really have something to say. Evoke emotion: Love. Here is an example of how to do it in practice.

4 keys to stories that open our hearts


It’s because of this cat! I wanted to check something and I got stuck all evening. What’s a story!

How to communicate against the stream


On the bench old women are sitting. Widows, I suppose. And they can communicate. I’m smiling thinking of their gossips. Suddenly, I see crowns on their heads. What’s up?!

Logotype and communication


Dentistry is a good example which shows how you can be trapped by your market identification and this way lose your chance for unique communication via logotype.

Death and social media


Your photo. Post. Comment. They do not die with you.

Be important


How important are you? Are you useful? Listen to this true story.

First Roman PR Rule


My ancient Greek teacher used to call ancient Romans ‘cabbage heads’. Yes, Cato taught that cabbage is good for wverything and it looked very simple to compare to the ancient Greek lyrics, but…

Think, write and publish a book


I mean the book which I read at night because I had to finish it. When I read last sentence I wanted to know not only what next, but also who the writer was.

Poetry, PR and business


Are there any connections? Certainly!

What for is Public Relations? (2)


Writes true stories which sell.