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5 steps and your Facebook strategy is grasped


Is anyone who thinks about their schedule of messages on Facebook strategic? Does anyone plan it? Does anyone ask the question: what for?

Why is it the last day of fanpage Bridgehead PR on Facebook


Facebook is a very flexible tool. Business is a very dynamic creature. So changes are inevitable. It’s high time you re-thought your presence on Facebook.

3 reasons why Pulse is a good blog


Now you can create your business blog in a minute. Just have your profile on LinkedIN and you have free access to Pulse. Why is it worth entering?

Pinterest – communication that is a woman


I look at her. I point to her. I comment. I share the picture on Facebook. Pinterest is not only nice, but also useful. Including business.

Twitter – before you start tweet-communication


In 2011 I was so much interested in Twitter that I created the profile @bridgeheadpr. And then it was hard to believe that its popularity would grow so fast. Today in business I often meet the question: what about Twitter?

Death and social media


Your photo. Post. Comment. They do not die with you.

twitter and business?


Certainly! And use SocialBio.

LinkedIn – success in business relations in 5 basic steps


This is the largest business networking site in the world. professional. Truly connected with business. International. Maybe for business in Poland GoldenLine network is enough, but if you think of something more, be at LinkedIn.

Facebook cleaning


Spring’s coming and cleaning is close. Let’s start it at Facebook. Why not take a pair of secateurs and cut?