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Writing e-mails-the art of communication in 21st c. Are you its master?


Over 200 billion e-mails are sent and received daily. This number is growing. E-mail is a primary communication tool in business. You have to learn to use this so as not to be behind the best.

How to develop yourself – advice based on my personal PR experience


You are good at something. At some things maybe very good. You wish you develop, but you are not shown how. If you are at the beginning, it is easier. When you break away from the peloton, there are more challenges and no workshop offers.

Time and PR myth


PR is cool and yes, we should take care of it, but… you must wait for results, for a long time. Nobody has time to wait. Bullocks!

Criticism becomes scarce in the world


True criticism is like a fertilizer which guarantees growing and good harvest. The access to criticism is difficult because it is delivered by only a few and really not many people can use it well.

Creative writing – what is it about?


Writing courses? I have doubts. In writing matters experiencing, getting to know, working. Creative writing. Why yes?

Dance your way to success


My journey with Biodanza started over 10 years ago. Firstly, weekly courses and then intensive learning at a Biodanza school, during an internship and at additional development courses and workshops. So where has Biodanza led me?