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Eight Roman PR Rule and personal branding


I’m talking to a very interesting person. He tells me about his plans shyly. It seems to be that he has got a goal. His smile is so warm. I feel temptation. The temptation which leads to astray.

How to get familiar with hashtags -success signs


More and more hashtags you see, but do you use them? Are you not sure if it is usefull and what is hashtag for?

Seventh Roman PR Rule


He knew the world’s value. He was sentenced to exile, to pain, to death, but he knew what people believe in. And they do not believe words the most.

Second Roman PR Rule


In 1993 I received from my best friend a book with an inscription which I still remember very well.

Netiquette and email?


Netykieta i email

What’s it netiquette? How is it connected with email? Have you thought of e-mail as your business card which tells a lot about you?

First Roman PR Rule


My ancient Greek teacher used to call ancient Romans ‘cabbage heads’. Yes, Cato taught that cabbage is good for wverything and it looked very simple to compare to the ancient Greek lyrics, but…

Blog is not a toy


Writing a blog seems to be so easy, but it is not. It needs mych more than enthusiasm…