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Website and your presence in the net


It started from a website, but where will it end? Maybe on a blog? How do you use your presence in the net?

Polish mentality, coffee PR and business


Coffee aroma. I exchange opinions about Polish mentality ( enjoying coffee PR). My interlocutor is the person who has been working in Poland as a CEO from 15 years. He is not Polish and in his career he did business all over the world. Below some subjective opinions about Polish mentality and I believe they will starts some of your thoughts: 1. Polish people are prepared perfectly to answer the question why it cannot succeed. The most important are threats,…

Poetry, PR and business


Are there any connections? Certainly!

LinkedIn – success in business relations in 5 basic steps


This is the largest business networking site in the world. professional. Truly connected with business. International. Maybe for business in Poland GoldenLine network is enough, but if you think of something more, be at LinkedIn.


It is coming the time of Easter e-cards invasion. Different ship and chickens? No, all are the same. This is spam!

About building relations


I’m reading a banal and beautiful text which has been recommended by my friend who was a long time  a communications director in a corporation. Even I realize I know it, it is worth checking how I practise this knowledge in my everyday life.

Communication and giraffe’s ears


It’d be great to have long and slim neck, but I prefer these ears. Why?

I’ll swap a book


Where do you come back with new books which cost nothing?

Coffee PR – continuation


Open space arranged with minimalistic and functional design. Coffee is waiting. He’s waiting, too. The boss for others and for me the person about whom I will know more soon.