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Criticism becomes scarce in the world


True criticism is like a fertilizer which guarantees growing and good harvest. The access to criticism is difficult because it is delivered by only a few and really not many people can use it well.

7 rules which are crucial for Public Relations specialist who works for another person


I work as a PR specialist with people who are experts and who have been building their position in different markets. We work together on building a bridge which reaches their goals. Both my experience and my belief let me create 7 rules which are features of a good PR specialist to my mind.

Writing quality – the crucial, yet neglected, skill in business


Whoever you are, you write a lot: mails, messages, texts, posts, status on Facebook, offers, etc. So how do you develop your writing skills in order to communicate better and reach your business goals?

Coffee PR and its definition


Coffee PR is your chance for a talk. What kind of talk? The talk about business, which includes asking pointed questions leading to solutions.

Happiness recipe


I’m alone. It’s gloomy. I look at the cathedral in Cologne and think: what about this happiness?

The song about how not to miss a chance


How did it happen? She just stormed in. And there! She already got Dress confession in her hands. The poem just turned into a song. How?

What is Public Relations for? (4)


Is Public Relations communication? Is Public Relations about how to talk to anyone?

Passion in business


Through the years of working with people my experience shows how important is attitude in business. If a person works with engagement and passion – you can see it at first sight. His or her smile, good energy, curiosity, openness and inner peace show that passion.

Death and social media


Your photo. Post. Comment. They do not die with you.

Effectiveness of communication with a pencil


Have you a pencil? Use it in communication to be understood well.