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Why do you need a PR specialist at a photo session?


A PR specialist can be a wind, but first of all he is a creator. Like a professional pilot he lets you fly where you wish with a decoded map of you in his hands.

How to survive defeat and change it into beneficial PR projects


One upon a time I entered the medical market with PR products with a great enthusiasm. And I was badly defeat.

Passion and Public Relations campaign


If you like doing something, do it more and more often. And use it in your Public Relations campaign.

Structogram means intracommunication in practise


Justyna Niebieszczańska, a student, remembered her lectures very well. Not only because of what she taught, but also because of how she did it. She was happy with her life and she knew well where she was going. Today, I know that she passed some issues connected with intracommunication, so that is why my memory retained her.

Why should you have press kit?


Every company and public person would have it as press kit is the basic tool of any Public Relations activities.

What do you choose from Public Relations menu?


Public Relations means acts of kindness. We need them to feel happy. And business without personal happiness is worth not much, isn’t it?

Seventh Roman PR Rule


He knew the world’s value. He was sentenced to exile, to pain, to death, but he knew what people believe in. And they do not believe words the most.

What is Public Relations for? (4)


Is Public Relations communication? Is Public Relations about how to talk to anyone?

What for is Public Relations? (3)


Is Public Relations additional accessories in business? For beginners is it an option or a must?   Public Relations is available for everyone as a test which informs you how you are ready for business. If you cannot work on PR campaign, spend some time of productive thinking: if intracommunication is at the level of doubts and searching if you cannot say what’s your goal if you don’t know your receiver-customer if you have no idea what extra you can…

Dental Coffee PR


Meet a dentist, or more than one, and have morning coffee together and enjoy coffee PR…