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You should know slow Public Relations to meet success


Business and life seem to be a never ending race about who is being faster and getting more in a very short time. We work more and more and modern devices let us to speed our work incredibly. In contrary, true Public Relations is slow, so are you pro-slow?

How to embrance your Public Relations?


I often meet the question what Public Relations really is. People ask how is my PR and PR in my business. And finally they’d like to know how to start PR.

Memes and building an expert’s image


We know them. Funny. Surprising. Memes share information and emotion. How can you use them to build an expert’s image and your brand?

How project delivers your PR


You have a lot of projects. A few. They are fantastic ideas, but you won’t carry them out. Usually you end up at the stage of dreaming, planning and talking. But you and your business need a PR project!

Emigrants on the threshold – a few words about crisis PR


He was talking about Shakespeare. About three roles: a good hero, a bad hero and a victim. I thought: no doubts, there’ll be dead bodies and I have never specialized in crisis PR.

Time and PR myth


PR is cool and yes, we should take care of it, but… you must wait for results, for a long time. Nobody has time to wait. Bullocks!

How is created website in PR agency


“It’s like a hurdle race. I saw finish and hurdles – challenges. Now when this website is ready I feel like a master. This is the first website in my life created with PR agency and…

7 rules which are crucial for Public Relations specialist who works for another person


I work as a PR specialist with people who are experts and who have been building their position in different markets. We work together on building a bridge which reaches their goals. Both my experience and my belief let me create 7 rules which are features of a good PR specialist to my mind.

Business and neuro PR – where connecting some dots leads you. ( personal case study)


I believe, like Hippocrates, that the brain is the seat of everything. We feel pleasure thanks to the brain. A lot of our possibilities are encoded in it. And the brain is used for communication.

Coffee PR and its definition


Coffee PR is your chance for a talk. What kind of talk? The talk about business, which includes asking pointed questions leading to solutions.