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How project delivers your PR


You have a lot of projects. A few. They are fantastic ideas, but you won’t carry them out. Usually you end up at the stage of dreaming, planning and talking. But you and your business need a PR project!

Snap and there are both life and business idea. True story.


He lost his job and moved to New York City. e took a picture and today is one of top 15 entrepreneurs who built new careers through social media.

How to survive defeat and change it into beneficial PR projects


One upon a time I entered the medical market with PR products with a great enthusiasm. And I was badly defeat.

What for is Public Relations? (3)


Is Public Relations additional accessories in business? For beginners is it an option or a must?   Public Relations is available for everyone as a test which informs you how you are ready for business. If you cannot work on PR campaign, spend some time of productive thinking: if intracommunication is at the level of doubts and searching if you cannot say what’s your goal if you don’t know your receiver-customer if you have no idea what extra you can…

PR and spa – a true story of failure


Based on a true story. Introduction: a new medical spa without image, clients, a manager, a strategy needs to be promoted.   Chapter 1 Creating a concept by a PR agency. Clarifying aims and a strategy. The chairman of the board acceptance. Chapter 2 Developing a comprehensive plan of PR activities to the end of 2011. Including such things like informative campaign both local and national, activities addressed to selected targets, media plan. Creating the corporate identity based on tradition…

Specialization PR? Doing acts of kindness


PR, business and doing acts of kindness don’t match? You’re wrong! And it is scientifically proofed.