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How to write ideal post blog


Good recipe means proper proportions and right ingredients. Result? An ideal muffin with cream! So how many words should post blog contain to be ideal and to attract readers?

Pictures for blog?


You ask: where are they? So I answer.

Blog is not a toy


Writing a blog seems to be so easy, but it is not. It needs mych more than enthusiasm…

Happy 13th and blog post


I’ve you written a post. Bravo! Before you publish, check if your post is well-eqipped.

Post at first sight


What you see will decide if you read.

Blog and fruit anniversary


People claim that 7th anniversary means a crisis, so I have time. Now is Janus Anno Domini 2014. There are both an anniversary and an apple.

4 ideas for creating a great post title


Is it hard to find a post title? here 4 holds for beginners.