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What success?


I’m before stating a completely new experience in my life and I’ve just summed up last 4 months of my work. I’d like to say proudly what I’ve done and encourage you to praise yourself.

LinkedIn – success in business relations in 5 basic steps


This is the largest business networking site in the world. professional. Truly connected with business. International. Maybe for business in Poland GoldenLine network is enough, but if you think of something more, be at LinkedIn.

Personal branding and corporation?


Corporation’s human face? Promotion? Keeping corpo positive image?

Facebook cleaning


Spring’s coming and cleaning is close. Let’s start it at Facebook. Why not take a pair of secateurs and cut?

PR summit


Page 100 in a journal*. A summit. A summit of dreams. PR Summit. Doctor Szczyt ( in Polish Szczyt means a summit). How to get to this peak?

Why do I like working with dental doctors?


Because of three Public Relations challenges.