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Learn about false personal branding strategy


I notice some people around who try to be seen as specialist at all costs. They focus on building their personal brand choosing an incorrect strategy.

Eight Roman PR Rule and personal branding


I’m talking to a very interesting person. He tells me about his plans shyly. It seems to be that he has got a goal. His smile is so warm. I feel temptation. The temptation which leads to astray.

3 reasons why Pulse is a good blog


Now you can create your business blog in a minute. Just have your profile on LinkedIN and you have free access to Pulse. Why is it worth entering?

Passion and Public Relations campaign


If you like doing something, do it more and more often. And use it in your Public Relations campaign.

Why should you have press kit?


Every company and public person would have it as press kit is the basic tool of any Public Relations activities.

Are we immortal?


Ancient Greek language always fascinated me, but on the other hand it made me shy. It was not because of the language itself, but of all what was going on around it. One day we had to write an address of farewell to Melanios.

Personal website and personal branding – how to start?


The domain registered, but there is not a website yet. So many possibilities, so it it hard to decise. And finally I bumped into David Beckham and bingo!

Death and social media


Your photo. Post. Comment. They do not die with you.

Website for a lawyer


If a lawyer and a lawyer’s office want to be well-seen in the net, it is a must to have a responsive website with a good design. More and more people use mobile devices to search info, so be available means to have an available (responsive) website. But this is not all…

What communicates picture in PR


Everything! Your picture is the proof that you can manage your personal branding consciously. Picture is a PR tool which rules as it’s the fastest way of sharing information and it has got power of showing emotions.