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How to provide feedback and do no harm to yourself or others?


After a presentation I asked one person how it was and requested some opinion – feedback. The first thing I heard: “massacre”. It’s good it was me. Because it made me wonder and inspired me to this entry. Here is the answer to the question: how to provide feedback when we are asked for it? Do it in a way that does not hurt anybody.

What to do when your personal PR gets caught by a lie?


You got yourself into unnecessary conversation on Facebook. Someone is spreading lies about you. Is this something trivial or a beginning of crisis?

Would you like to be an expert? Without these 5 steps it’s impossible!


It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning or further. It’s worth to know. Intracommunication is a basis and 5 steps will tell you if you are an expert.

You are not a personal brand. Are you ready to deal with it?


In translation. Be patient, pls:)

Memes and building an expert’s image


We know them. Funny. Surprising. Memes share information and emotion. How can you use them to build an expert’s image and your brand?

Communication and your resposibility for it


“You are responsible for what you say, but not for how people understand it”. If you agree with it, to my mind you have lack of basic knowledge about communication.

True story about how you can harm yourself with a business card


I sit at a round table at After Party with guests of Charms of Business. Everyone is telling a short story about herself and finally exchange business cards. One of our lectures and guests,

Why is it the last day of fanpage Bridgehead PR on Facebook


Facebook is a very flexible tool. Business is a very dynamic creature. So changes are inevitable. It’s high time you re-thought your presence on Facebook.

7 rules which are crucial for Public Relations specialist who works for another person


I work as a PR specialist with people who are experts and who have been building their position in different markets. We work together on building a bridge which reaches their goals. Both my experience and my belief let me create 7 rules which are features of a good PR specialist to my mind.

Why do you need a PR specialist at a photo session?


A PR specialist can be a wind, but first of all he is a creator. Like a professional pilot he lets you fly where you wish with a decoded map of you in his hands.