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The culture of knowledge is killing every one of us!


We know so much. Or rather the world is full of people who know – how to earn, how to build a brand, how to live. Do they really know or are they fooling you? Knowledge has never been so available as it is now. You don’t know how to do it? Buy a book, visit YouTube and find out. Pay for a training. Enrol to this or that. Public space has never been so full of promises as it…

How to live with no regrets? Have courage!


How to live with no regrets. Everyone wants it, so why do we still regret some things at the end of our life? Where does this regret come from? How to get rid of it?

How to develop yourself – advice based on my personal PR experience


You are good at something. At some things maybe very good. You wish you develop, but you are not shown how. If you are at the beginning, it is easier. When you break away from the peloton, there are more challenges and no workshop offers.

Small talk a basic PR tool and its strenghts


What is PR about? About running a talk. How do you get to know a person? By talking. What does relations’ building proccess require? Talking. Let’s start from small talk.

4 tips for writing better and more often


A glass of wine? Deadline? What about an energy drink? I guess, it’ll not help, but luckily, there are some practical advice how to deal with writing.

Learn about false personal branding strategy


I notice some people around who try to be seen as specialist at all costs. They focus on building their personal brand choosing an incorrect strategy.

Book about PR?


Lack of knowledge brings nothing good. Lack of knowledge about PR cuts the wings and is a source of problems in business. What’s next? Find a book which is like a knowledge medicine.

Structogram means intracommunication in practise


Justyna Niebieszczańska, a student, remembered her lectures very well. Not only because of what she taught, but also because of how she did it. She was happy with her life and she knew well where she was going. Today, I know that she passed some issues connected with intracommunication, so that is why my memory retained her.

Writing – how to train a habit


No new year resolutions this year. Better is to focus on one thing, like writing.

How and what for identify your elevator pitch?


How to use your first minutes of presentation the best way? Use elevator pitch!