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Press release is dead


Press release is dead It passed away. Suddenly. It couldn’t stand such conditions. I regret. But you cannot change a river direction, can you?   Honor press release memory It used to be like that: a PR specialist wrote a press released and pictures attached. He wrote it to a journalist. A journalist published it or not. Because of good communication between a PR specialist and a journalist you could read news in a paper.   Long live the news!…


It is coming the time of Easter e-cards invasion. Different ship and chickens? No, all are the same. This is spam!

What for is Public Relations? (2)


Writes true stories which sell.

Cat’s issue vs. human mistakes


A cat is hit by a car. A man takes care about it and asks for financial help. More than 6 thousand PLN is sent to a bank account. But there is neither this cat nor the car.